Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sea shanties in Nantucket

By picaresque

Ahoy Sailors,

We are glad to announce that we signed a partnership with The Roaring Trowmen to add the most popular 19th century sea shanties in Nantucket. The Roaring Trowmen are an English group based in Bristol who share with us a passion for nautical folk stories and popular music.

Every sailor who got on board from the 17th until the first half of the 20th century had to learn and sing shanties. Their rhythm served mainly to synchronise repetitive movements and fight the boredom of the long periods of inactivity on the ships. Since then, sea shanties represent a big cultural phenomenon which inspires thousands of enthusiasts across the world to meet each other and sing all together.

Here’s a little preview of what you will experience in the game.

Sea shanties in Nantucket will alternate with music and the crew, depending on its morale, will sing a joyful shanty or a sad one.

What song you would like to see in Nantucket? Please write your favourite ones in the comments below.

In the following weeks we are going to announce the official track-list of the sea shanties included in the game. To be sure to not lose any news about Nantucket please subscribe on our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

P.S.: Nantucket is still in Beta and we are constantly adding new players to have more feedback. If you would like to get involved write us a mail at beta@picaresquestudio.com

8 comments on “Sea shanties in Nantucket”

  1. somsoc says:

    The Worst Old Ship
    Roll Boys Roll
    Lowlands Away
    Blow the Man Down

    and if you feel like covering a contemporary shanty, Barrett’s Privateers is always great!

  2. HoJu says:

    One of my favorites from the 19th century is “Santy Anno”. There are many versions of the lyrics. I like this one the most

  3. Philip Natta says:

    I’d love to have included in the game the whaling sea shanty from the 1956 Moby Dick movie, “Hill and Gully Rider”.

  4. Dom says:

    Leave Her Johnny – Please Mr Trowman.

  5. Quirk says:

    I would love to hear one of the most famous shanties of all time in-game:

    What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor

    And maybe another famous one:

    Fifteen Men and a Bottle of Rum

    Can’t wait to play the game 🙂

  6. Adam says:

    Rolling down to old Maui is a must.

  7. Calixus says:

    Spanish Ladies
    Wings of a Gull
    The Weary Whaling Grounds
    Farewell to Tarwathie
    Leave her Johnny
    Sally Brown

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