Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Patch 1.2 is out! Mac and Linux versions are finally available.

By picaresque

Ahoy there!

After a long beta test phase, patch 1.2 is officially out.
The biggest change introduced by this update is the support for Mac OS and Linux. In addition to that, major updates included in this patch are a complete rework of the scenes loading system, improving loading time by 75%, and the introduction of a new background image for each city, giving them a unique feeling.

Here is the list of changes contained in this update:


  • Implemented compatibility with Mac and Linux
  • Added possibility to toggle controller support
  • Implemented customization of controller key mappings
  • Added difficulty panel in Character Creation


  • Improved loading times
  • Added a new background image to each city in order to have them unique.


  • Fixed “Quest Completed” window appearing during combat and blocking the game, during Kahekili and Bass final quest
  • Fixed Game Over not appearing when losing in Main Quest 9
  • Fixed block on loading a game from the same scene
  • Fixed seadog save files not appearing in the load screen
  • Fixed graphical glitches on the first few frames after loading
  • Minor fixes in event tooltips
  • Fixed quest text of a non-whaling area discovered
  • Fixed wrong “Crew healed” notification when entering the port, when the crew had only maimed men
  • Fixed music overlapping after the tutorial

2 comments on “Patch 1.2 is out! Mac and Linux versions are finally available.”

  1. Stewart says:

    This is great, is the Linux build going to be available on GOG?
    If so, I’ll order now…

    1. Picaresque Studio says:

      Hey Stewart, at the moment the Linux version of the game is not available on GOG (only via Steam), but we are discussing with them to make it available. I’ll come back to this comment once we have an answer from them.

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