Thursday, January 15, 2015

The music of Nantucket

By Capt_Eatbones

Hello everyone,

in the last weeks we had many things going on. We introduced you our voice actors and launched our debut trailer for the game Nantucket. Pretty busy, uh?

Today, I want to introduce the composer of the music of our game Nantucket: Carlos Sánchez de Medina. He’s a polyhedral  Spanish musician from Madrid. He worked with several known Spanish artists whilst collaborating with jazz, blues and rocks music bands. Carlos also worked for theater musicals, television shows and composed soundtracks for several shorts and advertisement.


I know him since long time, almost 8 years. We met when I was working on my animation short, “Bowling Peludo“, as final project for a 3D animation master I attended. The instructor gave me Carlos email and I agreed with him that he would compose the soundtrack. The result was great! It gave a soul to the short.

Years later, when we already founded Picaresque Studio, we were looking for a composer. I thought immediately about him and proposed the idea to my project mates. I contacted him, not sure if he would have remembered me. He answered me immediately telling me he would love to help us. He also told me that it was the right time for him since he was trying to start working on music composition for games! Again…what a wonderful sign!

After some time of discussion, we decided he would have been our “music man”. You had a first taste of his music in our debut trailer.

Working with Carlos is quite simple. He gets almost instantly what you need and it’s lightning fast in composing. We’re glad to be able to collaborate with him.

Well, it’s time to come back to work!

Stay tuned for more!


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