Friday, November 28, 2014

The art of Nantucket: which way to go

By Capt_Eatbones

Hello everyone,

this is the first post about the art of Nantucket and, of course, there will be more. Today I want to share with you some information about how we started thinking the artistic style of this game. I know…you haven’t seen anything properly yet but, don’t worry and be patient a little more ;D

First of all, this is our first attempt as indie developers. This has always a big impact when it comes to make decisions regarding what will affect the whole project. That happened especially when we started searching for references of what we’d like our game to be, visually.

Now, we’re Italians and, usually, means that some masterpiece from the past always comes to our minds (oh, my god xD) Here you have some of the references we’ve been chasing:

We wanted to be faithful about the age we’re telling our story. We also wanted to pay a tribute to the Picaresque art styles. And lastly – yes, here we comes – we wanted to pay a tribute to Italian illustrators. We love one in particular. He’s one of the great illustrators we had, who recently passed away: Sergio Toppi. We loved from the first moment his art, the stories, the energy, the contrasts of his techniques. We found in his works what we were looking for: something modern, yet with an old flavor. Here you find some of his works we’ve been so inspired by:

As you can see there’s lot of traditional arts that we considered. This is because we feel a strong bond with them. You got a taste with the Nantucket announcement image. Here you have a couple more images of the art of the game:





Now, in the next posts about the Art of Nantucket, will be focusing more on specific elements of the world we’re going to introduce. So, keep in touch and don’t miss the next “chapter”!

See you soon!


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