Saturday, August 1, 2015

Have some quest

By Mex

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Not all those who wander are lost.


Ahoy there!

Here I am with my last post before holidays. I’m not going anywhere, but I guess lot of you will be doing something during these weeks. So, today we are going to speak about quests.

While speaking about the newspaper, I’ve already introduced minor quests, errands you can take in all the cities to make some money or increase your prestige as a captain. They are randomly generated and they are always available during the game, but they are just a part of the quests available in Nantucket. In fact, there are two further quests categories: Side quests and Main quests.


Side quests are four short story lines related to historical characters:

  • James Cook: famous explorer and cartographer
  • George Bass: explorer and naval surgeon
  • James Knight: explorer and director of the Hudson’s Bay Company
  • Kahekili II: warrior king of Hawaii

Each side story line includes different quests to be completed even if they are not fundamental to complete the game. Apart from pushing you around the world, looking for information about these characters, the completion of each side story line will unlock a unique object to be assigned to your crew during the navigation or combats, a quite powerful one. So, whether you are looking for new adventures or simply some powerful tool to “beat” the game, side quests are a good alternative to hunting whales during your time at sea.

Main quests are instead strictly related to the main story line, so the great hunt for Moby Dick, and they are fundamental to complete the game since your final goal is to kill the White Whale. I will not spoil the story, so I’ll just tell you that we tried to be faithful to Herman Melville’s masterpiece as much as possible, even if we have introduced new narrative elements to enrich the gaming experience. You will enjoy the story also if you didn’t read the book, maybe missing some cameo. Considering how many people die in Moby Dick, putting some of them in the game has been quite hard. Don’t worry, no men were resurrected during the development of this game.

Finally, like the side quests, also the main ones unlock unique objects to help you in your adventures.

That’s it. After this summer pause, I’m going to give you details about the navigation gameplay, so ship and crew management at sea. As usual tell your friends to follow us and keep in touch with us via social media.




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