Thursday, April 5, 2018

Mac and Linux versions are now in beta, more to come.

By Mex

Ahoy there!

We keep working hard to satisfy the requests of all the people who bought Nantucket (thank you very much for the support) and the ones of people that would like to do it. Mac and Linux versions of the game are now in beta and we are looking for testers.

In case you are interested, please write us a mail at specifying:

– Hardware specifications
– Operating System name and version
– Steam username and account page link

If you already own the game, and you have a machine with Mac/Linux OS, you can try the beta for those versions by clicking with the right mouse button on Nantucket in your Steam library, select “Properties”, pick the “Betas” tab and select “Beta”.

Meanwhile, we are working on additional features. Some of them will be available to you all, while others will be part of a new DLC coming in the next months, adding a new game mode.

Here a glimpse to the new cities images we are working on to increase their variety:

Keep following us on our social pages for more updates about the development of Nantucket.

See you soon!

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