New DLC: Masters of the Seven Seas

by picaresque

Ahoy there!

We are really happy to announce the release of patch 1.4 together with the launch of our latest DLC: Masters of the Seven Seas.

Masters of the Seven Seas introduces the Challenge Mode, a new game mode set in a new cylindrical map of the whole world with randomized whaling areas, new cities to visit and new events. Choose your captain among the 10 historical whalers available and compete against the others to become the most renowned whaling master.

More information about the DLC can be found here:

Patch 1.4 introduces a couple of features requested during these months, together with a few fixes. Here is the complete changelog:

  • Added “Challenge Mode” for Masters of the Seven Seas DLC.
  • Added 100+ new Events.
  • Implemented Events triggering by entering a city.
  • Changed behaviour of Resuscitation command in combat, it now heals a mate even if he is not dead.
  • Added crew renaming, a button is now available in every hired character sheet to rename them (during the navigation).
  • Added “Playlist mode” for Sea Shanties, the sea shanties can now be played in a specific order instead of following gameplay rules.
  • Added “Reset Achievements” button in Options menu, if you want to have new games with achievements to unlock. This action is irreversible.
  • Fixed delivery quests disappearing and keeping the space occupied in the hold bug.
  • Increased the rewards for minor quests.

To celebrate the release of the DLC, the game will be 66% off all week long, the DLC Songs of the Braves 25% off and Masters of the Seven Seas will have a 10% launch discount.

Thank you all for your support!


Announcing Master of the Seven Seas

by picaresque

Ahoy there,

we are happy to announce our next DLC for Nantucket, Masters of the Seven Seas, coming this summer.

Masters of the Seven Seas introduces the Challenge Mode, a new game mode set in a new cylindrical map of the whole world with randomized whaling areas, new cities to visit and new events.

You can check the DLC page, with more details about the new features, here and add it to your wishlist now!

Part of the content of the DLC (new events and a few new features) will be released for free to all the owners of Nantucket as part of the next patch for the game, coming just before the release of the DLC. We are already planning more content for the months to come, so, thank you all for your support and keep helping us with your feedback.

To celebrate the announcement, we are offering a 50% discount to the base game, the lowest price ever, for a few days.

Stay tuned!


Sea shanties in Nantucket

by picaresque

Ahoy Sailors,

We are glad to announce that we signed a partnership with The Roaring Trowmen to add the most popular 19th century sea shanties in Nantucket. The Roaring Trowmen are an English group based in Bristol who share with us a passion for nautical folk stories and popular music.

Every sailor who got on board from the 17th until the first half of the 20th century had to learn and sing shanties. Their rhythm served mainly to synchronise repetitive movements and fight the boredom of the long periods of inactivity on the ships. Since then, sea shanties represent a big cultural phenomenon which inspires thousands of enthusiasts across the world to meet each other and sing all together.

Here’s a little preview of what you will experience in the game.

Sea shanties in Nantucket will alternate with music and the crew, depending on its morale, will sing a joyful shanty or a sad one.

What song you would like to see in Nantucket? Please write your favourite ones in the comments below.

In the following weeks we are going to announce the official track-list of the sea shanties included in the game. To be sure to not lose any news about Nantucket please subscribe on our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

P.S.: Nantucket is still in Beta and we are constantly adding new players to have more feedback. If you would like to get involved write us a mail at beta@picaresquestudio.com