Thursday, December 4, 2014

What about…Voices!

By Capt_Eatbones

Hi there!

we’re back with our travel’s log (in my case, the Captain’s Log)!

Today I want to share with you our first day of recording: the game’s voices. Oh yeah, we got some nice ones for you in the game! Most importantly, we had the honor to meet Jeff Espinoza who’ll be dubbing actor for Nantucket! We knew him thanks to Carlos Sanch├ęz de Medina, our musics composer. Carlos gently offered his house to record our voice overs and voice effects (the prove in the photo below).


Capt_Eatbones and Jeff Espinoza

Jeff is a blues singer, songwriter, voice over, dubber and actor. He’s mostly known for being part of the Red House music band but he also worked on the Deadlight videogame.

Here is an anecdote: when Carlos spoke to him about us and about the game we’re making he said “What a coincidence! I’m reading Moby Dick right now!” This is what I call “a sign”. Really, he’s a great person and a great professional. He helped me a lot during the recording, suggesting what would have been better to do and…correcting some English mistake!

Do you want to hear something? Are you curious of what to expect?

Stay tuned! Very soon you’ll get a grasp of what’s coming!

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