Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Picaresque Studio Announces ‘Nantucket’

By picaresque


Grab Your Harpoon – Moby Dick is Back

We are proud to announce the name of the top-secret title in production since April 2014: ‘Nantucket.’

Set a few years after the story of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, Nantucket promises to thrust players into the tortured life of Ishmael as he comes to grips with being the sole survivor of both the wreck of the Pequod and the wrath of Ahab. Players – as Ishmael – will scrape what they can from the ocean by exploring, discovering, and harvesting marine life in a 19th century fashion.

“Our goal with Nantucket is to create a compelling seafaring strategy game set in the golden age of American whaling” says Designer and Co-Founder Marco Mantoan, “and Moby Dick embodies the epic and savage elements of that time.”

The game will be available on PC in 2015.

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